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I am in my mid thirties and I became a mom for the first time on August 13 of 2008. I celebrated my second wedding anniversary on August 27. My husband is an officer in the Canadian Navy and I am a reading recovery teacher. I am one of those women who could not possibly imagine having a child in my twenties. I was a single girl who dated but never met anyone who made me want to settle down. In fact I fell in love for the first time when I was 31! I spent my twenties teaching and travelling, living in northern Canada on a native reserve and London England which I used as a home base for travelling. I made a new home in Nova Scotia after leaving London. My daughter was born in August 2008 and life has not been the same since.

There have been major life changes for me in fast order the last few years and my journals reflect my adjustments to all of it and learning new things everyday. I also talk about my kid A LOT and my husband and friends and family and my views on things.